003: Divisional Round Predictions

Alrighty ladies and gents it is game day! Round 2 of the NFL Playoffs kickoff in less than three hours. Place those bets. Talk that smack. Saddle up for what should be an exciting playoff weekend. Like I said in the last post I’m here to break down each match-up and let you know who I think will advance to the Conference Finals next week.

Saturday @ 4:35pm EST Falcons v. Eagles (BIRD BOWL)

This whole game could easily be decided on who Nick Foles wants to be. Will he be the guy who threw 7 TDs in one game or will he be the abysmal disaster we have known him to be as of late? If its the former I could see the Eagles walk away with this game, but I doubt that will be the QB play we will see. Aside from Foles having his follies an Eagle loss cannot be soley placed on him. The Eagles secondary has been struggling all year in defending quick cutting receives, often getting turned around and burned deep.  With Atlanta’s defense clicking and their offense finally finding an identity I see ATL taking the W and moving on to the next round.

Saturday @ 8:15pm EST Titans v. Patriots

I really shouldn’t have to write a prediction for this one. The Pats will not only cover the spread, they could handily win by double that. The Titans got lucky last week against the Chiefs and there is no way you beat Tom and Bill at home in the playoffs on only luck. Tennessee’s defense is going to be carved up and even against the up-and-down defense of New England I do not see Mariota and crew getting anything rolling. The Titans stumbled drunkenly into the playoffs and the hangover is about to smack them right in the mouth. Hey Mularkey, hold this L for me? Thanks.

Sunday @ 1:05pm EST Jaguars v. Steelers

As big a Patriots fan I am, this is the game I am most excited for this weekend. Last time these two teams played Big Ben threw 5 INTs. Not a good look. Jacksonville’s defense is electric and Antonio Brown has been in full recovery since that calf injury a few weeks back. There is a decent chance this game goes the Jags way again, but the one weakness of that defense has been defending the run. Bell will be what makes or breaks Pitt today. He could easily blow up for an amazing game, but will his injury prone ways rear their ugly head? Last time they were banking on him to win a playoff game he pulled his groin and exited the game early. That was last year against the Pats and the Jags defense is just that much better with a lot of big hitters. The Killer B’s could put the Jags down, but I’m pulling for the underdog here.

Sunday @ 4:40pm EST Saints v. Vikings

This one was the hardest for me to predict. The Vikings have been amazing all year. The Saints have been amazing all year. The defenses for both teams have been great all year. Both quarterbacks have had a year as well. Both teams have receiver talent and a two pronged RB attack. This could go either way. I was leaning toward the Vikings only because of the bye week and home field advantage, but I will not be the reason I pick a team to win. So after long debate, I am going to go with the Saints. Keenum is not this good. He just isn’t. The Cinderella story has to end and I believe this is the week. Hate me for it, but there’s my pick.

Let’s see how I do we these!

Meatman out.


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