002: I’m Back/NFL Playoffs Baby!

Alright, so I know its been a very long time. Months really, but life comes at you fast. You get a new job, you move to a new city, and you get busy. Luckily, I had forewarned y’all that I will post whenever I feel like it. And now, as I sit here eating a bowl of Cheerios watching the College Football Championship pregame show, I feel like it! So without further ado or continued rambling lets get into it. Ticket Number 2, what’s your order?

NFL chatter? Playoff recap? You got it!

The NFL season this year has been full of plenty ups and downs. Injuries seemed more abundant this year. Targeting seems to be an issue yet again. “The Blue Tent” has caused plenty of drama. All this and the real season has only begun!

I’m talking about the NFL Playoffs. The final 4 weeks, NOBODY COUNTS THE PRO BOWL, of the best 25 weeks every year are upon us. We are off to a much better start than last years playoffs because this year it looks like we will at least get some close and exciting games. The Titans marched an 18 point comeback against the always depressing Chiefs. (We will dive into Alex Smith’s future in the off-season).

The Choke Artist Falcons came in and beat up on the “Rags to Riches” Rams in a surprisingly filled LA Coliseum. Its okay though because LA didn’t realize they even had a national football team all season…let alone two. Better luck next year St. Louis.

In the worst game of the weekend the Sacksonville Jags came in and…beat?…the Buffalo Bills. Hang up the plastic tables of celebration Bills Mafia, you have nothing to celebrate after a mediocre season that led to Blake Bortles looking like Mike Vick in his 10-3 victory. “But, but, but we lost Tyrod…” Cut Tyrod. Cut Peterman (I won’t even comment on the 6 INTs in 16 career attempts. Oh wait, I just did. Oops.) Start over with a new QB, but keep being the collection of crazies you are!

The Panthers had a competitive game against the division rival Saints, but fell short after Cam Newton “was poked in the eye by his visor…” Back to the blue tent thing, dude had the dizzies. The amount of CTE Newton likely has stored up there is no doubt astronomical, I mean its definitely affected what he thinks is fashionable attire. Sheesh.

So now we are onto the Divisional Round:

  • Patriots v. Titans
  • Steelers v. Jaguars
  • Eagles v. Falcons (BIRD BOWL)
  • Vikings v. Saints

I’ll take the next few days to break down each upcoming match-up and call my winners and losers. Glad to back at this, and I’m here to stay this time.

Meatman out!




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